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Caterham Cars

The Caterham Seven® 270 is the lightweight sports car for all conditions. It combines stunning performance on the road with the practicality of weather protection, as well as the ability to excel on track that is inherent in all Sevens®. This is the Caterham that will do it all.

The Seven® 270 is ready to take on any adventurous road trip or back road blast. A large range of upgrades and optional extras are also available should you wish to add even more performance to your Seven®.

So whether it's a Sunday afternoon drive, a cross-state road trip or another lap of your local track, a Caterham Seven® 270 will give you the driving experience you've always wanted!

The Seven® 270 is supplied as standard in component form for self assembly, complete to your chosen specification with all the parts you'll need to get your car on the road. Your engine and gearbox will be available as a seperate package.

All you'll need in addition to this are some basic tools, a little patience, some oil and a splash of gas! Average build time for a novice is between 60 – 70 hours, with our team already putting 20 hours of build work into the car before you receive it. Further more, our technical advice line and detailed build manual ensures the process is stress free and enjoyable. Building a Seven® is a unique, exciting and rewarding experience, but if you don't have the time or space you also have the option to have your car factory built.
*Caterham Cars USA


Caterham Seven. Made in Great Britain
Caterham Seven Option Sheet

**"For ease of budgeting the prices shown include the engine/transmission (powertrain package) that will be supplied by a third party, The Classic Car Connection. The powertrain cost will be deducted from the prices shown and will be payable to The Classic Car Connection upon shipment from Caterham. This is in accordance with regulations for 'self build' vehicles."
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Available in left or right hand drive