Due to Federal regulations we do not sell powertrain parts (engine/transmission) or do installs on chassis we have sold. We operate in accordance with all regulations to ensure our customers can register their car without problems. We CAN provide powertrain components and installations for chassis that we have not sold.

For chassis we have sold we partner with the following installers:

​We will also work with an installer of your choice or with the purchaser to provide information, guidance and bill of materials to facilitate the completion of your chassis. For customers doing their own installation we have certain items to ease installation and protect the chassis that we loan at no cost.


Caterham Cars

Olthoff Racing - Superformance and Shelby build-outs
The Classic Car Connection - Superformance, Shelby and Caterham build-outs
​Classic Auto Reproduction - Superformance and Shelby build-outs

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